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  • "I would hugely recommend getting old or ugly tile regrouted instead of replaced. My hubs and I demo'd the tiles in the other bathroom and god knows that was an extremely painful ordeal. "

    Allison B.

  • "ReGrout USA worked with me to create a custom grout color that looks great. I'm so happy with the results. Unless you really feel you need to rip out your tiles, give regrouting a try. "

    Steven L.

  • "They did an excellent job regrouting, cleaning, recaulking, and resealing. What we used to think of as "dated" tile now looks brand new and absolutely beautiful. We couldn't be happier."

    Jodie S.


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Regrout USA - Tile Contractor Los Angeles, CA

ReGrout USA has been the one and only regrouting specialist in the Los Angeles area since 1993! Before the development of our first specialized regrouting tool in 1995, the only other option was to remove and replace all of the tiles. ReGrout USA can save you time and money by safely removing and restoring the damaged grout alone, without removing any of your current tiles.

We specialize in remodeling and repairing tile surfaces with grout that is1/16 of an inch thick or less. This style is common in pre-1970s homes, 1920-70 craftsman homes and one-of-a-kind historical homes.

Tile Regrout In Los Angeles

We do not refloat, paint, stain, or add grout colorants! We remove and replace the grout with a brand new grout of your choice. From our experience, there are no "quick fixes" for grout remodeling.

Acid Washing Los Angeles CA

Ceramic floor tile can become stained over time from constant exposure to dirt, food and debris, so muriatic, acetic or sulfamic acid is often recommended to remove difficult stains.

Tile Cleaning In Los Angeles

Wether it's lime scale from the kitchen or cooking grease from the kitchen, ReGrout USA can restore any tile surface to it's original condition.

Tile & Grout Sealing Los Angeles CA

To protect your home from water damage, ReGrout USA uses the latest and finest in sealing technology to ensure your home stays protected for years to come.


We are an environmentally conscious company. We want you to keep your existing tile to prevent needlessly filling landfills with discarded tile, making for a smaller mess, and a shorter construction time.

Cost Effective

It's considerably less expensive for you to have your grout replaced than to replace your entire tiled surface. Regrouting is time and cost effective. We can help you update your tiles today, and add value to your home.

Call ReGrout USA - The Best Tile Cleaning and Grout Restoration Service in Los Angeles at (323) 800-5177.


Don't Tear Your Old Tile Out – REGROUT!

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